Custom Build

Custom building starts and ends with you, the client

Potential clients with their eyes on a custom build shouldn’t fret because Kay-Ray Homes is your best choice for custom home builders in Tangipahoa Parish, as well. We encourage you to bring your ideas, sketches, and drawings to us, and we will put together the home plan that dreams are made of. Custom building starts and ends with you, the client, and a large part of Kay-Ray Homes’ mission is to make sure you’re happy every step of the way.

original design

Whether the layout you’re seeking is one that is compact and personal or large and multi-generational, you’ll be amazed by our ability to create a completely original design from scratch— that is easily executable to boot. Even in choosing our Custom Build option, Kay-Ray Homes avoids last-minute, additional costs by utilizing a concrete pump truck, tying your water source and municipal sewer source up to 50-feet, and purchasing the building permit.

exceed your expectations

Kay-Ray Homes takes its role in building your future very seriously. Our Custom Build option grants clients with the ability to control layout, design, and accessibility, while our seasoned expertise provides an excellent basis in creating and designing your new home. To foster a special, one-on-one relationship with our wide, diverse range of clients, Kay-Ray Homes works tirelessly to craft a custom built home that exceeds all expectations. 

Kay-Ray Homes is available for consultation by our personal cell phones at your convenience.

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